We are one part of the global Church of Jesus Christ, comprising all who consciously follow Him as their Leader, out of every nation, culture, and language.

Parkside Christian Chapel is an Evangelical, Trinitarian, Pentecostal congregation, formally affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri. The Assemblies of God is a “voluntary, cooperative fellowship” of Pentecostal churches born in the flames of revival near the turn of the last century. Formally convened in 1914, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the fellowship has grown to over 3.1 million adherents in about 12,800 churches across the United States, and over 67 million adherents in more than 200 other nations of the world.

While each Assemblies of God church is unique, from its personality and style of worship to its weekly schedule and choice of literature for study, they share a common faith and doctrine and a quasi-congregational form of government.

The headquarters of the General Council of the Assemblies of God is located in Springfield, Missouri, from which the national ministries and worldwide missions are directed.

The Assemblies of God is divided into 57 local districts. Ours is the Northern California-Nevada District, encompassing Northern California (from Fresno to the Oregon border) and the entire state of Nevada. Our District is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Each district is further broken down into sections. Parkside Christian Chapel is part of the North Bay Section (Marin and Sonoma Counties).

While the Assemblies of God is noted for its distinctive belief in the Holy Spirit baptism and His gifts, the primary message of our church is redemption: through personal, practical faith in Jesus Christ, who suffered and died in the place of us all, every person may find forgiveness, salvation, and eternal relationship with God.

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